Avishay Bar

Welcome to Cloud Blurbs

Thank you for visiting my intimic blog, where I blurb about stuff that I find interesting. First of all, If you came all the way here, i’d like to write a few words about myself.

My name is Avishay Bar, I am working as a Security Architect of a SaaS R&D group for CyberArk.

CyberArk is really a different security company: it is focused on eliminating cyber threats using insider privileges to attack the heart of the enterprise, rather than mitigating cybersecurity attacks on an organization.

Working for CyberArk is a huge challenge for me, since CyberArk has a unique approach to security: It assumes that the attacker will, or has been already breached to your organization. From this situation, CyberArk missions is to stop from the attack to laterally move in your organization and find sensitive data.

I’m writing some experiences from my work at Medium, but i’ll start to migrate those here, canonically. Medium posts gets a lot of traffic, but if you want to find my posts aggregated, you can follow the blog rss feed. If you find Medium more comfortable for consuming content, You can read the posts on my channel there.

I’m also contributing to open source projects:

  • I am the owner and the maintainer of the React Native library react-native-restart. It has gained a nice traction and being downloaded about 160k times a month.

  • I started writing the React Native library for OneSignal. Nowadays i’m still contributing to this library, you can find it at react-native-onesignal.

  • I am also the owner of the React Native library react-native-user-avatar. It has about 10k downloads a month and I can’t really find time to continue adding features to it. So if you have a cool idea and you want to contribute, please contact me or feel free to PR.

  • Open source project that i’m proud of is caponeme, a security educational tool, that simulates the Capital One breach that was happened on March 2019. It was featured on Hacker News and got some stars from GitHub users.

  • A project that I felt satisfied making is corona-health-statement which helps parents, kindergardens and schools to collect health statements in a comfortable way, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A huge part of my career I was working as R&D Team Leader of Geektime, the most popular tech outlet in Israel. I have a ton of experience in coding, automation, devops, team management… been there, done that. If you like to read an overview about my skills, you can do it on my resume, or on my LinkedIn profile.

Why am I here for? You probably got here by searching my name on Google, or finding this web page via my LinkedIn profile. If you’re so interested, you can send me a message via one of the social networks, or find me speaking in conferences.

I am also a husband, and a father. I have a 3 yrs old daughter named Agam, you’ll probably not going to see any pictures of her because i’m jealous about her baby-privacy, even though my wife is dying to publish some footage.

Thank you for your interest,